Design Trends 2022

  1. Colors that will inspire this year's designs are soft pastel, earthy, rustic, light and airy.

  2. Interior design surfaces with a matte finish, mainly black, are trending.

  3. Nostalgic designers will be inspired to create retro style 80's Memphis patterns, retro 90's designs and vintage 60's flower power designs.

  4. 3D printing at home is very popular and 3D printers are regularly being used in a variety of commercial industries. 3D printed smartphone and tablet stands, pencil holders, vases and tech accessories are trending 3D model designs.

  5. Graphic designers will be inspired to create simplified logos, non-fungible tokens, 3D illustrations, maximalism, retro minimalism and muted gradients.

  6. Voice-activated user interfaces, dark mode, minimal color contrast and natural pastel colors are trends in user interface design.